The needs of the house owners are our priority. One of the utmost conveniences of living at Cerro Tusa Residence is the turn-key, hassle-free living that is provided. House owners benefit from shared staff for cooking, cleaning and gardening who are dedicated to ensuring the home, pool and gardens are spotless and serviced perfectly. Dedicated Butlers are on hand to coordinate any and all requests.

Choosing owners that match is key for our social fabric to promote a unique Community culture in our luxury villas around Medellin, Colombia.

Six Reasons Why

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Perfect location

Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences is only 1.5 hours away from Medellin. A new motorway is under construction and will provide access from Medellin to your house in just 50 minutes.

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Year-Round Destination

Venecia has a microclimate that is ideal for comfort and good living, with temperatures ranging from 64-90° F year-round. Each property receives sunlight from morning until evening and is the perfect base for lots of activities and unforgettable moments.


Nature & Sustainability

Inspired by the beauty of its surroundings, Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences is designed to integrate itself in nature, not to impose upon it.

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24/7 Security Guaranteed

Security, safety and peace are paramount to our vacation homes in Colombia, this is why we chose Venecia and Antioquia as the home for Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences.

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Spectacular Surrounding

Feel the magic of Cerro Tusa. True peace, tranquility, silence and nature, a view that will last a lifetime and more, a home to create memories that will span generations.

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Ultimate Privacy

Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences creates sanctuaries that provide guests and residents with the feeling they so desire – of solitude, of being away from it all, but yet a sense of belonging. We will build your second home in Colombia with lots of privacy to retreat but also several social gathering areas to have fun and enjoy comfort at its best.


A true home is more than just a building. Home is where we grow, our refuge and our comfort, it is the peace and happiness we share with our family and a reflection of ourselves.

When the nature which surrounds your home is more beautiful than any artist could ever design, why close it out? Draw back the curtains of floor to ceiling windows to let the sunset pour in, or effortlessly roll back the walls to the awesome splendor of wilderness around you in a home that effortlessly integrates the beauty of nature into your remote villa around Medellin.

Finished to the highest international standard, the exclusive properties at Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences are designed by renowned Colombian architect Mauricio Zapata and have considered every detail of comfort, convenience and luxury.

Exclusive Deluxe Villa

457 Sq m (4919 Sq ft)

  • 1 Infinity pool (90 Sq m / 968 Sq ft)
  • 3 Bedrooms (for up to 9 people)
  • 5 Bathrooms

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Prime Master Villa

340 Sq m (3659 Sq ft)

  • 1 Infinity pool (65 Sq m / 699 Sq ft)
  • 2 Bedrooms (for up to 6 people) - Possible room or office upgrade
  • 4 Bathrooms

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Classic Superior Villa

209 Sq m (2249 Sq ft)

  • 1 Infinity pool (46 Sq m / 495 Sq ft)
  • 2 Bedrooms (for up to 6 people) - Possible room upgrade
  • 3 Bathrooms

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The Architects
Zapata Santamaria

Well recognized for their fusion of global influences with timeless traditional elements, the Colombian firm Zapata & Santamaria have earned their reputation as a design studio at the vanguard of Latin architecture. With more than 35 years of experience and a diverse portfolio of highly appraised work, Zapata & Santamaria was the natural choice to realize our luxury homes for sale around Medellin, Colombia.