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Luxury Living at Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences in Venecia, Colombia

Welcome to your luxury villa in Medellin, Colombia

In the heart of the Andes at the foot of the sacred mountain, in a country reborn and home to a people famous for their warm hospitality and friendliness, Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences awaits to welcome you home.

Years of careful design and planning have gone into each luxury residence in Colombia, creating a true home in a unique, natural environment. A luxury home in Colombia for you to create lasting memories and to enjoy life to its fullest surrounded by idyllic nature, flora and fauna, stunning views and a perfect climate year-round.

Discover your home in paradise. Contact us to book your private on-site viewing of our model house and join our Community today.


Discover your home in paradise

Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences warmly welcomes you to visit our on-site model house.

Choose your favorite lot, each with a spacious size of 215,278 sq ft (around 5 acres), select one of the 3 house types and be part of a private, residential, luxury Andes resort community on a 69.1 acre site, including a 9.8 acre tropical forest, a private entry and a 24-hour security gatehouse.

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Year Round Destination

Night and day, never falling below 18 or over 32 degrees, Venecia has the perfect location for a microclimate that is ideal for comfort and good living.


Nature & Sustainability

Inspired by the beauty of its surroundings, Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences is designed to integrate itself to nature, not to impose upon it.

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Spectacular Surrounding

Feel the magic of Cerro Tusa. True peace, tranquility, silence and nature, a view that will last a lifetime and more, a home to create memories that will span generations.

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Ultimate Privacy

Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences creates sanctuaries that provide guests and residents with the feeling they so desire – of solitude, of being away from it all, but yet a sense of belonging.

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24/7 Security Guaranteed

Security, safety and peace are paramount to our project, this is why we choose Venecia and Antioquia as the home for Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences.

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With only 10 lots available book your private viewing now to be among the first to choose the perfect location for your new home.

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A true home is more than just a building, more than just a place. Home is where we grow, our refuge and our comfort, it is the peace and happiness we share with our family and a reflection of ourselves.

Discover your home built in paradise, to enjoy for a lifetime.

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Exclusive Deluxe Villa
457 Sq m

Cerro Tusa Resort And Residences Prime Master Villa

Prime Master Villa
340 Sq m

Cerro Tusa Resort And Residences Classic Superior Villa

Classic Superior Villa
209 sq m


Colombia invites you to a country reborn. Optimism and positivity permeates every aspect of life here. Explore for yourself a country consistently described as the worlds happiest nation, full of history and culture.


All the magic and enchantment of Colombia comes together in a single place - Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences, the perfect place to experience nature, adventure, history and culture.

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Learn about the Zenufana Heritage

If the beauty and the fascination of the present and everchanging landscape of Antioquia weren’t enough, its past is equally intriguing.

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Horseback adventure

Horseback Riding in Colombia, an equestrian paradise. Ride through miles of open terrain.

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Meet the Original Coffee Culture

Meet the original Colombian coffee culture of Venecia – the first home of Colombian coffee.


We promote a sustainable development. It is our personal mission to develop Cerro Tusa Resort & Residences, always with great respect for mother nature, as well as a strong connection to the local residents. These principles are and will always be our core values.